Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A little life update

Tomorrow our little guy will be two weeks old. Thought I'd check in and jot down a few notes about life right now before it all disappears in my mind due to lack of sleep in this crazy newborn daze we're all still in!

We've been to 2 pediatrician appointments and one appointment with the lactation consultant since we got home. He's slowly putting the ounces back on and the LC helped give me some confidence and eased my anxiety over him getting back to birth weight. Once again, I have determined that IBCLC's are the greatest gifts to new nursing moms. I felt so much better after seeing mine on Monday. M gained her weight back pretty quickly, but T is just moving at a slower pace and I'm learning that that's okay.

Speaking of M...she adores her baby brother. She likes to check on him first thing in the morning and when J gets her out of her bed, she'll come in our room and go straight to his bassinet to see if he's still sleeping. It's adorable. She seems concerned when he cries, and will rush to tell someone. She has really embraced her role as big sister. On the flip side, she is learning what it's like to have to share her mom and dad, and that's been a challenge for her. But she's learning everyday and slowly adjusting.

T is a squeaky, noisy little guy. Just like his big sister was as a newborn. I don't think he grunts as much as she did, but he snorts when he gets mad and it cracks us up.

We had a photographer come to our home on Sunday and she did our newborn pictures for us. He was a cooperative little guy and slept through out most of the shoot. Cannot wait to see them! She shared one little peek on her instagram and I can't wait to see more!

Everyone is sleepy. He is doing pretty well at night, but until we get his weight back up, I'm still waking him to feed at night and that's tough. No one wants to wake a sleeping baby. Also, one huge difference from last time...with M, when she'd get up to eat at 6AM, she'd eat and then we'd both sleep in till 9. Not so much this time. When T eats at 6AM, he finishes around 6:45, and then M is up for the day at 7 on the dot. I know we'll eventually hit a better rhythm with sleep....for now we'll just keep lots of coffee on hand!

We have really been staying close to home for the most part. We took him to the grocery store one evening last week, to the playground at M's school on his one week birthday, to the pumpkin patch (where he hung in the Ergo the whole time), and to lunch on Sunday. Other than those places and doctor's appointments, we're sticking close to home. Tomorrow I'll be able to drive again and we may start to venture out a bit more.

I have the sweetest friends. So many friends have been texting to check in on us and dropping off sweet surprises on our doorsteps or offering to take M for a few hours of play time. I am so thankful for the community of friends we have here. One neighbor texted me last week when she ran out to Trader Joe's and asked if we needed anything from there. It's the little things like that that are so helpful to us. 

I haven't been peed on (yet), but T did manage to pee on his own head and startle himself when we were weighing him at the pediatrician last week. Definitely something that I can say M never did as a newborn!

He loves to be worn, which makes me so happy! Wearing my babies is one of my favorite parts of having a little one! J has worn him a few times in the Ergo with our infant insert, and I've been loving my new Sakura Bloom ring sling (thanks mom!) and my beloved k'tan. I don't know how I'd get anything done with a newborn if I didn't have a way to wear them!

That's all I have for today. 
I'll try to get a birth story up before the month is over!


  1. Both of ours took forever to get back up to birth weight. My kids spit up quite a bit until 6 months, so I attribute some of it to that. My pediatrician wasn't too concerned either...I was just worrying myself.

    And congratulations! He's absolutely precious. My youngest is 11 months so these pics are making me miss how teeny he was!

  2. Teddy is a total doll! I love all the snaps of him and proud big sis! Gals y'all are finding your new groove!

  3. Sweet baby! Love seeing his adorable face. Can't wait to hear his birth story and watch him grow! Drew was 9 pounds at birth and grew SO slowly. I wonder if big babies are just slower growers b/c they packed on so much inside?

  4. He's so sweet! My little guy lost a lot of weight initially and a few of the nurses freaked me out. Going to the lactation consultant twice helped so much! So glad you are all doing well as a family of four!

  5. Such a sweet boy!! How is he 2 weeks old already?!

  6. He is adorable!! So happy for y'all!

  7. So glad everything is going great!!!

  8. OMG, he is so precious!!! And I love that newborn pic...the sweetest!!!

  9. He is adorable! I hope you get into a good sleep groove soon, and enjoy that special newborn time!

  10. He's so beautiful!! Congratulations!!!