Monday, October 5, 2015

Baby Brother's Nursery

I made it through last week without going into labor! I had a few nights where I thought we might need to start making some calls and head into Triage, but every time the contractions would eventually die down. So, here we are a week later, quite pregnant, quite progressed, but still no baby. Not much longer though!

His room is more or less done. I'd like to add a few more things to the wall, but we'll have to officially pick his name before we do that! I really do love how it turned out. It's definitely not a "Pinterest" nursery, I feel like we kept things pretty simple, but it's a happy little space that I love to sit in. If we're being honest, this time around my priorities were a good white noise machine and seriously dark black out curtains. Funny how neither of those things mattered to me the first go round!
 Before I share the "after," let's go back to what it looked like in here at the start of July....

This room has been our "catch all" room since we moved in in June of 2012. We've always known we wanted to add a garage to our house, so this room has just kinda been our storage room until the garage got done. Right now, the garage is SO close to being done, but that's another story! Anyway....we have finally managed to clear out this room, and with a lot of trips to Goodwill, a lot of selling on local yard sale FB groups, and a lot of rearranging, this room has been cleaned out and prepped for our baby boy!

We're using M's old Jenny Lind crib and changing table, along with the glider we bought for her nursery. We got the bureau from my inlaws (same set as M's dresser that I refinished!). I'd love to refinish it with a darker stain (a little less red) and new hardware, but I'm going to wait till I'm not pregnant, it's cooler out (there was no way this was going to happen this past summer!), and for our garage to be done so I have a place to work. 

The map print above the changing table was purchased at the Vintage Charlotte Summer Market. I think it fits well in here with all the fun colors.

These Disney cross-stitches are pretty special! My mom made these for my nursery when I was a baby and they have her initials and 1983 stitched into each one. I love that she still had them!

I made the "I'll Eat You Up I Love You So" print in photoshop and had printed in poster size at Walgreens. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out!

Overall, I love how it turned out! I wanted to keep things neutral and light but with pops of bright colors and I think I managed to do just that. Now if we could just be 100% settled on a name for him so I can add that to his walls somewhere! 

A few resources:
Felt Pom Poms above Crib - Etsy Seller The Fickle Felt Tree
Crib - (we love this crib!) DaVinci Jenny Lind Crib
Rug - we had these cut and bound to custom sizes for both kids' rooms at a local place here in Charlotte


  1. It looks great! Brent and I didn't name either kid until they were here. So Trent got his name on the wall at around 6 months and Drew still doesn't have hers - I bought letters ages ago and was going to modge-podge them with scrapbook paper but the letters are bigger than the paper (grrr) so I haven't figured out what to do so I've done nothing, ha! Anyway, can't wait for your little guy to be here!

  2. OMG love it!!! And I think it is TOTALLY Pinterest-worthy :)

  3. Looks wonderful!! Wishing you the best and fastest labor ever!

  4. I love it -- so cheerful! I am sure Baby Brother will have many happy hours in there!

  5. What a sweet room, I love it! That print you designed is fantastic and I love the cross stitches too, so special!!!

  6. The nursery looks fantastic! I love the pom pom garland over the crib!