Friday, November 6, 2015

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! 

Linking up with April today!

1. My friend Katie raved about this wipe dispenser, but for whatever reason, I never got one with M. About a week into T's life, J was complaining about wipes and asked why someone hadn't designed a dispenser that made it easier to get them out. So, thanks to the magic of Amazon Prime, we had one of these wipe dispensers in our home 2 days later and we LOVE it. You can open it, get out a single wipe, and close it with just one hand. It's amazing. Katie...I am sorry for not listening to you before!

2. Did you watch the World Series? We enjoyed watching all the games this year (well...J did, I fell asleep by about the 7th inning in most games!), and even though I was hoping for a Mets win, I was happy for the Royals. And then Monday night we stayed up way too late watching the Panthers beat the Colts in an OT win. I was exhausted on Tuesday, but it was worth it since we won! This weekend we have some family coming to town to go the Panthers vs Packers game with J. Hoping for 8-0 after this weekend!

3. Because I just love baby snuggles so much...

4. Speaking of baby snuggles...big sister is really into wearing her baby lately. My mom bought her this "carrier" for her baby doll when she was here helping us after T was born. 

5. Anyone else watching The Affair this season? It's probably my favorite thing on TV this fall. I look forward to it each Sunday. I am so curious to see where this season is going. I have so many questions.


  1. Yay for the wipes dispenser! It's one of those things that until you use it you don't realize how awesome it is! And the entire package of Costco wipes fits perfectly in it & never dries out if you forget to close the lid! The affair has been so good this season. I'm dying to see where they are going with it all! Finally... GO PANTHERS! I sometimes hate how competitive I am, because I get so anxious at games... The anxiety starts days before & doesn't end until well after.

  2. YES to the wipes dispenser woes! What is up with how terrible they are?! I keep hearing about The Affair - I need to watch. We've been hooked on The Americans recently. Another great show!

  3. YES on The Affair - a great second season so far!

  4. Oh my goodness, M with the baby carrier!!! That is too cute!!!!!