Thursday, November 12, 2015

M's 3rd Birthday Party

In the midst of all the newborn craziness from October, we also had one other big event...M's third birthday! On October 25, our spunky and sassy little girl turned three.

I could write a big mushy post about how it really has been the longest shortest three years of my life, but it really would get mushy and go on forever, so I'll spare you all. Instead, I'll share a few pictures from her party at a local children's art studio. Months ago, I planned her party here knowing I'd be bringing our newborn and I wouldn't want to do any work for a birthday celebration. I wanted her to have a party (because homegirl loves a good birthday party soiree), but I also knew I wouldn't have it in me to host anything at home. All we had to do at the art studio was invite a few pals and show up with a cake, candles, and juice boxes. DONE!

My parents came down for the weekend, and so did my sister and her boyfriend, so we had a packed house, but it was fun celebrating with family. M was so excited to have so many people here just for her. Especially after several weeks where so much attention and visitors had been directed toward her baby brother.

My sister's boyfriend brought along his camera and took some great shots for us. I think all of the kids had a ball making their cats and dogs crafts.

Seriously, having my family here for her party was a highlight of her birthday weekend. For months leading up to this, whenever she'd facetime with them, she'd say, "Are you coming to my birthday party?"

Little artists hard at work...

I love her scrunched up "smile" here after she blew out her candles

We're so glad so many of her little friends were able to celebrate with us...

It really was a very fun party, and SO easy with a newborn! This is a random picture from the party where we must have been watching the kids create something at a table, but as you can see, I just wore T in the ring sling the whole time and he slept the full hour and half we were there. Newborns are so easy when it comes to being out about. At least mine have been...they just sleep!

M's birthday weekend and party were a fun one, and she's already asking us when it will be October again so she can have another party. I think it's safe to say, she likes birthdays!


  1. So sweet! I've been thinking about what we'll do for Drew. It makes it challenging that her bday is 1/2 - as it is our kids don't need anything AND we'll have just had so many celebrations. Last year we did it with my nephew (whose birthday is 5 weeks after Drew) in between their birthdays at a kid gym and it was so fun. She is adamant that it will be Minnie Mouse so at least we know that! And then I can't decide if I want to do her friends from school or just keep it small since we will have just had SO many celebrations... So many things to consider for a 3 year old, ha! Glad y'all had fun and kept it relaxed for you. :)

  2. What a fun post! Beautiful photos.. :)