Tuesday, November 17, 2015

One Month

Our little bear turned one month old on the 8th. Time is already flying by, and even though I expected it to go even faster this time, it's crazy to me that he's already been with us for one month now.

A few little tidbits about his first month...
  • He's still sleeping in his bassinet next to me and sleeping 9PM-4/4:30AM right now and then waking for the day around 7:30/8. I can't complain at all about the first big stretch of sleep. I think he sleeps so well thanks to a few things...he's a giant baby with a big tummy so he can go longer between feedings, his swaddle and white noise, and his nightly bath. I very VERY loosely followed Moms on Call with M (I don't swear by it like some moms do...I actually have a few issues with it), so I'm pulling out a few pointers from it for T, and the biggest thing I found valuable to us was the nightly bath. Every night before his 9PM feeding, he gets a bath. I only use soap about twice a week, but I swear that they start to associate bath time with night time and it helps them start to get into a circadian rhythm. 
  • Most naps are still on me on my chest or on the go. He loves to be held for naps which makes life a little tricky, but I also sort of love it. I am not one to pass up baby snuggles. 
  • I am so very thankful for all the friends who have helped us out with meals since he arrived. They have made dinner time SO much less stressful.
  • His big sister adores him. Possibly a little much at times. She is so concerned about you when you cry and fuss. And she loves reading to him. He enjoys watching her as long as she's not yelling loudly...which tends to happen since she's a crazy three year old!
  • He like to be worn in the Ergo, ring sling, and k'tan.
  • Gaining weight was a slow process in those first two weeks (you lost a full pound and one ounce in the first 5 days), but by two weeks old, he was back to birth weight, and by his one month appointment he was well beyond where we expected him to be.
  • On an average day, he nurses about 7 times. Mostly going 2.5-3 hours during the day. Nursing started out a little rough because you had a shallow latch, but we're doing great now. 
  • Likes - pacifier, being held up high on a shoulder, naps on my chest
  • Dislikes - being in his car seat if we're not moving, getting his clothes on, sun in his eyes, and being put down for a nap
Crazy how much he's changed in his first month!

Weight - 12 lbs 4.5 oz (96%)
Length - 24.25" (off the charts)
Diapers - Size 1
Clothes - 0-3 Months
Hair - Dark brown, pretty full in the back still
Eyes - still very grey with maybe a slight blueness to them.

And because I love a good comparison shot...here's both of my babies at one month


  1. Wow he has really grown!! I'm with you on the bath time = bedtime mentality. And ps he's 3/4" shorter than Molly Anne is right now. Haha I love it!

  2. What a sweetie! I followed a few Moms on Call things with Drew and agree about the bath. I also agree about the big tummy since she was 9 pounds and very quickly got to 1 waking/night (of course then she got a cold and that screwed everything up, ha). I love comparison shots too, both your babies are so cute. Are those actual stickers on them or do you do that online? They almost look real and then don't at the same time, ha! Glad things are going good!

  3. Okay, I've got to hear more about how you got him sleeping such a long stretch so early! I can't even fathom that right now!

  4. I just love him! That blanket your mom made (??) is perfect, too!