Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Some things I want to jot down to always remember about my 32nd birthday yesterday....it was such a normal day, but it was also really sweet. I get such joy from a good day at home with my family, and even in the mundane and boring, I want to recognize how incredibly lucky I am to have such a healthy, beautiful family. It is not lost on me how fortunate I am. Life right now is really hard a lot of days. It's a lot of balancing the needs of my two little ones and reorganizing my priorities, and to be honest, it's pretty exhausting (and quite messy) a lot of days. But with all that said, when I stop and think about how much I have been given, and how loved I am, I can't help but feel an extreme amount of gratitude. Cheers to another wonderful year.

  • T snuggled with me for a great deal of the day. I don't think there's anything more I could have asked for than his head resting beneath my chin on my chest.
  • M sang her "original" songs for me all day.
  • Our tree is done and lit up and was the perfect backdrop for a day at home at with two little ones. 
  • Took M to gymnastics at the Y, and T and I walked on the indoor track with the Ergo while she was in class. An hour just walking with him asleep in the carrier and a podcast on was a very peaceful start to the day.
  • A good friend and sweet neighbor brought us enchiladas and guacamole and chips for dinner. She also threw in a 6-pack of Mexican beer.
  • I got more smiles than normal from T today.
  • I got to facetime with my parents, who sang to me, and they also got to see some of T's sweet smiles.
  • J and M got me a cookie cake and sang happy birthday to me. "Happy birfday dear Mommy!" is my favorite way to have in sung to me!
  • M took a nap (rare these days) from 3:30-5:30, and although she woke up in a horrible grumpy mood, she was completely adorable and delightful for the rest of the evening once she snapped out of her post nap blues. She ate zero enchiladas, but all of her cherry tomatoes and made sure to count them all for me aloud. And then she demolished her slice of cookie cake.
  • M went downstairs with J, and on her own, decided to make me a necklace as a present and then asked J to help her get a "gift box" for it. I don't ever want to forget the smile she had on her face when she handed me the gift box! When I told her thank you and "I love you so much!" she responded back with a hug around my neck and an "I love you so much too, Mommy!" I don't think there's a better birthday present than that.
  • Because of her late nap, M rolled around in bed and sang for almost an hour tonight. I think she sang about 35 verses of "Jinge Bells" but hearing her sing the one Christmas song she knows the words to really was the cherry on top of an already great day!