Friday, January 29, 2016

Five Favorites for 5 on Friday

Happy Friday! I have a random list of "favorites" I've been wanting to share, so thought I'd save them for a Friday and link up with April!

1. Saranac S'more Porter. Because what is better than a dark beer that tastes a tad like chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows? I realize this beer has potential to be terrible and the flavors could be just way too much, but I really loved it!

2. Moms of babies...if you don't have these, GET THEM. When M was little I was constantly losing socks because she'd kick them off while we'd be out, and I'd get into the grocery store and she'd have one (or no) socks on. It would make me crazy and I felt like her feet were always cold. Not this time! I found these Zutano booties thanks to a friend, and they really don't come off when baby kicks his feet. I love them!! Santa actually brought these to T, because what else was Santa going to bring a two month old? They were worth every bit of the $20 Santa spent on them!

 3. Let's talk boots. After I had M, I got a nice pair of Frye boots that I wear the crap out of all fall and winter. They're great boots that I hope to last me a long time, but I noticed this fall that the leather was looking a little rough. I found this Frye Waterproof Dressing on Amazon, and for $9 I felt like it got me a new pair of boots (except this time I didn't have to break them in!). It was so easy to apply. I wish I had taken a before and after because it really did make a big difference!

4. All fall I have sort of been on the hunt for an olive colored utility jacket that wouldn't break the bank. Every place I found online that had them was either a) crazy expensive or b) out of stock. I randomly decided to search for one on Amazon and found this one for $32 (I think the price is $35 now?), and thought I'd give it a try. I ordered up after reading the reviews (I got a large), and it is one of my new favorite things in my wardrobe. It's perfect for cold days, but not freezing days, which is what I feel like most of winter in Charlotte is like. Two thumbs up for this jacket!

 5. And finally, let's talk about my new favorite app. A Color Story is a new photo editing app from Emma and Elsie at A Beautiful Mess. Up until now, I edited most of my iphone pictures in Pic Tap Go, but decided to give this a try, and it's quickly becoming my new go to! It's a free app, but you pay for extra filters and editing tools. I went ahead and paid the $7.99 for the whole bundle and it was well worth it. Definitely would recommend this if you're looking to spice up your iphone pictures!


  1. Those Zutano booties were my favorite with James - and now I give them as baby gifts!

  2. We love those booties! I was gifted a few pairs, and they are now a go to baby gift. I haven't tried that s'more beer but I have had one from a different brewery and it was so good.

  3. Saranac is brewed in my hometown, they have a lot of great beers but I have not tried Smore yet :)

  4. Ok, after reading this I just bought those booties. They look like what he needs to get through the rest of winter!