Thursday, February 18, 2016


3 years, 3 months, and 24 days


- Never stops talking. Never ever. If she's not sleeping, or eating (which even that doesn't stop her some days), she is talking. Telling a story, singing a song, bossing her brother or the dogs around, talking to her princess goes on and on and on...I've also noticed lately she has started speaking in different tones. I don't even know if that makes sense, but she has different voice she uses depending on what she's doing (ie, giving directions, telling me a story, helping T...), and it's adorable.
- Has begun to show a greater understanding of the world around her. T has a world map on his wall and she loves to look at it and ask things like, "Where does Aunt Lindsay live?" or "Where is Gigi's house?". It's fun watching her try to put the pieces of the big world around her together.
- Absolutely loves school. So much that we even enrolled her an extra day. She is now going 3 days a week, and it's been so good for her. I knew she'd do well at preschool this year, but I didn't expect for her to love it this much. 
- Has the best little phrases. One of my favorites of the moment, "A couple of whiles" when she's trying to tell us when something will happen.
- LOVES Sara Bareilles, Taylor Swift, and Adele. In that order. Can sing full songs by each of them and does so regularly.
- Enjoys her movies, but is stilla big PBS Kids fan. Really into Super Why and Dinosaur Train at the moment. 
- Likes to be my helper. Has recently taken a big interest in helping me do things around the house, like folding laundry or cleaning. Still loves to help us cook, and honestly can actually be kind of helpful in the kitchen some days. She recently cut up all the peppers we were using for a recipe with her curious chef knife.
- Has become really particular about her clothing. She still lets me dress her in pretty much anything to go out, but at home she wants to be in her "dragon shirt" and pajama pants or in a dress up dress. That's about it.
- Suddenly has become a pro at her balance bike! She got it when she turned two in 2014, but in the last month, she has really mastered it and asks often to go out and ride.
- Is a pretty good eater! We went through a stage for awhile where she really wouldn't eat anything that wasn't part of her "repertoire," but in the last month has become really adventurous and is always asking to try new things and has really surprised us with her likes.
- Still loves a good doughnut and going on doughnut runs with Dad on the weekend.
- Has adjusted so surprisingly well to her role as big sister. I haven't mentioned this too much on my blog (because let's be real, I've blogged very little over the last couple of months), but she really has done such a great job at all the changes in our home since T came home. She loves him so very much, and that's evident in her actions and words. She's constantly telling him how much she loves him and she shows true concern for him when he cries. She certainly has her moments where she shows jealousy and wants our full attention, but overall, she has shifted from only child to big sister so well. Her teachers even made a point to tell us how impressed they were when we sat down with them for a conference last month. 
- Is a pretty great little artist and loves to draw and color. She gets frustrated easily by not being able to color in the lines or when something isn't perfect, but we're working on that.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

4 months true second child fashion, I did no updates on my sweet boy when he hit two and three months. But I'm making myself sit down to jot down some memories for four months!

Last Tuesday, he turned four months old, and he's still stealing our hearts more and more each day!
  • Most days, he's a pretty happy baby with lots of smiles. Loves to be held, but is also showing more interest in toys.
  • Has rolled from tummy to back once, and this was somewhere in mid-January. Shows very little interest in doing it again. 
  • Still spits up a lot, and over the last month has started drooling a ton too. He wears a bib all day, and most days we go through about four or five bibs.
  • Right at four months, I'm really starting to see good control of those little hands! He's trying so hard to reach out and touch and grab things. It's fun watching him try so hard.
  • Also chewing on his own hands or whatever he can get in his mouth. Not sure if he's truly teething yet, but this baby likes to chew.
  • Had his first babysitter this past month put him to bed! Has also been to the church nursery a handful of times for Sunday morning and my Wednesday Bible Study.
  • Somewhere between three and four months we got our first real laugh out of him, and just like it was with his big sister, it's pretty much our favorite sound in the world. Tickles, silly songs and faces, and playing with his big sister tend to get the most giggles.
  • Still a rockstar sleeper at night. Typically eats at 8:30 and goes down around 9/9:15 and then sleeps till about 8:30AM. No complaints here. He's been sleeping in his crib since late December, and we transitioned to the sleepsack on New Year's Day. 
  • Naps have gotten better this last month! Previously, he had been doing lots of little cat naps unless they were on me, now he's doing about 45 minutes to an hour+ in his crib. Also, I've been trying to put him in his crib awake more for naps, and about 50% of the time, he puts himself to sleep. 
  • Nurses 5 times during the day. Has become a much faster eater this last month, especially for his morning and mid day feedings. Evenings are usually a little longer.
  • Loves listening to books with M. 
  • Has had a runny nose on and off all month. Does not like saline spray in his nose or suctioning. But let's be real...does any baby like that?
  • Has played in the exercauser at church, but we still need to bring ours down from the attic. I know he'll love it because he loves to be up and watching what's going on around him.
  • Likes to be in the Ergo when we're out and shopping and doing stuff. Isn't crazy about it in the house if I'm just bouncing and trying to keep him happy.
  • Still so-so about the car. Doesn't mind it if we're moving, but he hates stop lights and the carpool line at M's preschool.
He is the sweetest baby boy and his smiles turn us all into big puddles. He lights up when he sees any of us walk in a room. He brings us such joy!

Weight - 17lbs 8oz. (85%)
Height - 28 inches (100%)...he is SO tall
Diapers - just switched to 3's in disposables. One snap down and 4 across in cloth.
Clothes - 6 month and some 9 month
Eyes - blue
Hair -  Still very dark. There's one big bald spot in the back from where it's rubbed off, but still has a decent amount on top and in the back on the bottom.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Five on Friday: PANTHERS

Never before in my life have I been this excited for Super Bowl weekend! The Queen City has had an electric feeling all season due to our Panthers, but these last few weeks, it has just been over the top exciting! Last Friday, we went to a pep rally hosted uptown to send the team off to CA. It was total chaos and crazy, but so fun getting to celebrate this awesome team with the rest of the fans. When we moved here in 2011, I didn't anticipate becoming a Panthers fan. I grew up around a lot of Washington fans, but I was never a fan myself. But in the course of four years, as we've grown to call Charlotte home, it has been hard to not care about this team and the amazing group of players they have!

So for this week's Five on Friday, it's all about the Panthers. If you're undecided who to cheer for on Sunday, maybe this will help sway your decision! (Although, I won't lie...I do love those Peyton Manning Nationwide ads...but that doesn't mean I'm cheering for him!)

1. How cute are these little fans from a local elementary school here? The teacher in me loves how creative this school got to put this together!

2. When I moved here four and half years ago, I had no idea what #keeppounding meant....if you're wondering the same, read up here.

3. Have you watched the Panthers play on Sunday and seen how they give a ball to a child in the end zone after they get a touchdown? This little video about the "Sunday Giveaway" is a great follow up with some of those lucky recipients

4. There's a daily newsletter here in Charlotte that I subscribe to called the Charlotte Agenda, and they wrote this piece back in October on Cam Newton and what makes him Cam. It's great and does a good job talking about who he is and what he's done for this city! #7. His style might be what I love most about him!

5. Braylon Beam. This little boy is battling cancer and is a big Panthers fan. Ellen arranged for him to meet the team at the beginning of the season, and I think he must be their lucky charm. 

Happy Super Bowl weekend! 
Go Panthers! Dab on Em! And Keep Pounding!