Friday, February 5, 2016

Five on Friday: PANTHERS

Never before in my life have I been this excited for Super Bowl weekend! The Queen City has had an electric feeling all season due to our Panthers, but these last few weeks, it has just been over the top exciting! Last Friday, we went to a pep rally hosted uptown to send the team off to CA. It was total chaos and crazy, but so fun getting to celebrate this awesome team with the rest of the fans. When we moved here in 2011, I didn't anticipate becoming a Panthers fan. I grew up around a lot of Washington fans, but I was never a fan myself. But in the course of four years, as we've grown to call Charlotte home, it has been hard to not care about this team and the amazing group of players they have!

So for this week's Five on Friday, it's all about the Panthers. If you're undecided who to cheer for on Sunday, maybe this will help sway your decision! (Although, I won't lie...I do love those Peyton Manning Nationwide ads...but that doesn't mean I'm cheering for him!)

1. How cute are these little fans from a local elementary school here? The teacher in me loves how creative this school got to put this together!

2. When I moved here four and half years ago, I had no idea what #keeppounding meant....if you're wondering the same, read up here.

3. Have you watched the Panthers play on Sunday and seen how they give a ball to a child in the end zone after they get a touchdown? This little video about the "Sunday Giveaway" is a great follow up with some of those lucky recipients

4. There's a daily newsletter here in Charlotte that I subscribe to called the Charlotte Agenda, and they wrote this piece back in October on Cam Newton and what makes him Cam. It's great and does a good job talking about who he is and what he's done for this city! #7. His style might be what I love most about him!

5. Braylon Beam. This little boy is battling cancer and is a big Panthers fan. Ellen arranged for him to meet the team at the beginning of the season, and I think he must be their lucky charm. 

Happy Super Bowl weekend! 
Go Panthers! Dab on Em! And Keep Pounding!



  1. This is the best blog post of 2016! Keep Pounding!

  2. Isn't that video sweet - that's actually our little elementary school! Our buddy next door helped to write some of the lyrics - he was beaming tonight telling us that the coach tweeted the link to help it go viral. Such a great team! 💙