Wednesday, April 13, 2016

City Mini GT Double Review and Thoughts

When I was pregnant with T, I was really on the fence about getting a double stroller. I wasn't sure how much we'd use, and since my kids are three years apart and M is big enough to walk at most stores, I just didn't think it'd be something we'd "need" when we were out and about.

After about one month with two kids, I was starting to feel mostly healed from my c-section, and I was itching to go for some long walks with both kids, but I didn't want to wear T in the Ergo everytime we went walking. I also knew that although I could wear him for 2 miles of walking then, it was going to get harder as he grew. So, I bit the bullet and we got a double stroller. I looked and researched a bunch of different options, but at the end of the day I settled on the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double

I considered getting a Double BOB since we have had a single BOB for three years and had been really happy with it, but I won't lie, the BOB is a beast. It's a huge stroller and I am not a runner, so I just didn't think we needed something that big. But I love how nice it rides and how it can go anywhere with no trouble...grass, gravel,'s so easy to push everywhere! When I went to Buy Buy Baby to check out the strollers in person, the City Mini GT caught my eye because it had the great air filled wheels like the BOB, but not as big of a footprint as a BOB. And since I'm not a runner, I didn't need a true jogging stroller. This seemed like the perfect choice for our needs.

Since M is older and likes to walk in stores, I didn't need a tandem stroller that would fit easily in stores and tight spaces. That wasn't going to be the main place we'd use our double. I mostly use it in our neighborhood for long walks, or at places like the zoo where both kids may want to ride after walking for a long time. 

We've been using it now for 5 months, and I have zero regrets. I was really afraid we'd get it and I'd be unhappy that I didn't get another BOB, but I wouldn't say that all. I am so happy with our choice! It folds so easily, pushes smoothly, and both kids have lots of room and like having their own sun shade. Only complaint would be that the storage space underneath is very limited since there's a big bar that cuts down the center of the basket. 

I opted not to buy a car seat attachment/bar for it and instead just used an infant insert we had for T. The seats recline and can sit back up very easily (a huge advantage over the BOB!), and so we've just reclined T's seat and used the insert to help him stay propped up. 

I considered selling our single BOB, but ultimately decided to hold onto it. I often will walk just T when M's at school, or just the other morning I took both kids to the park and he rode in the single while she played on the playground. If storage had been an issue, we probably would have sold it, but thanks to the new garage, we had room for it and it's nice to be able to use it when I know M won't be riding in a stroller. 

So, there ya have it! It was definitely the perfect option for us and I'd say we use it 3-5 times a week, so it's definitely been a worthwhile purchase. I feel like I've gotten a lot of questions on instagram and from friends about the double stroller we chose, so I thought I'd sum up my thoughts here! Hopefully if you're on the fence about a double stroller or were looking for a review of the City Mini GT Double, this helps a little! 

*I was not paid or compensated for this review. Just wanted to share my thoughts in case someone else was considering this stroller! I have used Amazon affiliate links though.*


  1. I've been on the fence too about getting a double stroller. I have the single bob as well and love it. I don't think I've ever met someone who didn't like the city mini double! Thanks for this review, I think I need this one!

  2. This is crazy. I was just (I'm not kidding) going to text you about the storage of this stroller & if I could take E & W for a spin in it.... You know how much I loved my city mini original so I think this may be in our future.

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