Friday, April 15, 2016

Five on Friday

Linking up with April (yay for baby#2! Congrats friend!) for a Friday 5!

 Not even sure if she'll have the link up going on today, but here are 5 things I'm loving right now...

1. An Easter recap just never happened on the ol' blog this year...partially because I never make time to blog these days and partially because we traveled to VA to see family a few days after Easter. Our Easter was an eventful one, as you already know if we're instagram friends, since M busted her head open running through the house. 

She got three staples put in and all was well, and we still got to have a little family Easter brunch. I made something new this year and it's definitely worth sharing on here. I made these Honey Ham Biscuits the night before and they were so super easy and delicious and paired nicely with all of our hard boiled eggs! Make these for your next brunch get together!

Do you have a Google account and need to get your life organized? Download the Google Keep App TODAY. J got me hooked on using this, and I am obsessed. I used to use "Notes" in my iphone, but definitely prefer this system. It's super simple, but I use it to jot down ideas, quotes I hear or read, lists for places like Target and Trader Joe's. I love that it's super basic, but can be synced across my phone and the website. I've always been a google calendar lover, and this is a great compliment to it!

3. I got this Contigo Snap and Seal Travel Coffee Mug after I dropped my beloved Tervis mug in our garage a few weeks ago. I picked up this mug on a whim at Target because I needed something to put my coffee in in the morning, and this is what I randomly chose off the shelf, and I am hear to tell is fantastic! I love it for a million reasons, but mainly because I can carry it out to the car in the morning while juggling T's car seat, M's school bag, and my diaper bag, and no matter how I jostle it around, it does not spill! I can even put it in my diaper bag standing up, and if the seal is closed, nothing spills. I love this cup so much!

4. New favorite Trader Joe's find? This popcorn with herbed and spices. It makes the best light snack!  I bought it for bunco last week, and it made the perfect table top snack. If you don't have a Trader Joe's, you can pay a ton of extra money to get it shipped via Amazon!

5. Two weeks ago I mixed things up a little and saw a new hair stylist and tried balayage. I had been getting some subtle highlights for the past year, but turns out I do not have time for that kind of maintenance these days.  Especially since a certain little boy in our family is still hating the bottle (insert an angry face emoji). Anyhow, I love the subtle color from the balayage and I love the "pattern" in how it was painted on. I can tell it'll definitely grow out nicely allowing me more time between trips to the salon. Highly recommend this approach to hair color if you've been considering it!
...a pic of the new "do"...

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  1. Love your hair! We are huge contigo fans at our house for kids cups - need to look for the coffee cup for me. Just downloaded google keep. Can't wait to explore it more. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.