Monday, April 11, 2016

6 Months

My favorite baby boy is six months old...half a year! I thought time flew with M, but it's going at lightning speed with this guy. I swear we were just laying eyes on him for the first time back at the hospital. Have six months really already passed? It really is the longest shortest time!

Here's what's going on in his world at six months old...

Got his first two teeth last week! My mom noticed the first on April 2, and the second one popped through on April 7. Just in time to start baby led weaning this week! Still chews on his hands and toys constantly and drools all day long.

Speaking of BLW...he is ready. I'm not (such a not want to deal with the clean up), but he is ready to start trying some real food! I'll report back once we've tried a few things. Also would love to hear from other moms who skipped purees and went straight to table food...what sort of things did your little one love and have an easy time eating in the beginning? We'll probably start with roasted sweet potatoes "fries" as our first meal just like M!

Still nursing 5 times a day and his feedings seem so short to me, but I think he's just become very efficient because he's still growing like a weed. Doesn't totally reject a bottle, but also doesn't care for it. Hoping that this will continue to get better...

Rolls from back to tummy now! Does it most often if he's reaching for something far away. He can sit by himself for short spurts (about 10-15 seconds) before toppling over. He loves sitting and I can see the pride in his face when he sits unassisted. Looking forward to this skill improving because I know he'll love being able to sit and play with toys.

He's still a rockstar sleeper 90% of the time. He occasionally wakes at night because he's lost his paci or rolled to his tummy and can't get back over, but for the most part, he sleeps so well. Naps have improved too and he's napping three times a day, but I think we're getting close to dropping that evening nap around 5.

Loves to sleep with one of his loveys on face. I'm not crazy about this, but his loveys are so small that I'm not all that worried about it. I'm also starting to see him find a real sense of comfort from the paci and lovey. When he's tired and cranky, these two things almost always seem to calm him down.

Truly the happiest boy most of the day. He's such a good baby and doesn't fuss or cry unless he's tired. Loves to chew on his toys or play in his exercauser, and even loves just rolling on a blanket and grabbing his toes. I couldn't have asked for a better, more go with the flow second baby.

Has just recently started doing a lot of babbling with some consonant sounds. Lots of "Bababababa" can be heard over the monitor when he wakes from naps!

Still startles very easily and is sensitive to loud abrupt noises, especially high pitched screams from a certain three year old who lives with I said above, he rarely cries, but if he is startled he'll burst into tears.

He is still in infant the car seat, but I'm pretty sure we're going to move him to our convertible seat in a few weeks since he's so close to outgrowing the infant seat in height.

Loves riding in the ergo and the ring sling if I'm moving. Doesn't care to be in it if I'm just hanging in the kitchen and cooking.

Love him to the moon and back!


Weight: 20lbs
Height: 29 inches
Diapers - size 3 in disposables, one snap down and 4 across in cloth
Hair - very brown and starting to fill in on his bald spot!
Eyes - very blue


  1. Hooray for BLW (minus the mess, uuggh baths with every meal gets exhausting but for me it was faster than wiping). If you have a double sink in your kitchen I found out too late that they make great miniature bathtubs! Once he can sit up really really well you can put baby on one side of the sink and rinse the dishes for the dishwasher in the other sink. I work as a nurse, mostly dementia patients so I felt like I gave my son some foods with BLW that other people might frown upon but I always felt like he was safe, the dementia patients I work with basically gum anything and everything! It makes for messier/weird diapers but green peas, black beans, cooked sweet potatoes, avocado, finely chopped chicken...I usually had one easy food for my son and then finely chopped whatever we were haVing and offered that. He had a really good palate and enjoyed a large variety until....3, but you know how that is. But I see him starting to return to his previous well rounded eating habits, it'll happen. We also made scrambled eggs a lot for my son, I think that might be on the no list, I can't remember, bit I didn't follow any rules; my husband and I don't have any food allergies so I wasn't worried. Thanks for sharing your family, I've been reading your blog since back in your teaching days!!

    1. Oh and I mention dementia patients because it really is life in reverse, in every single way. And they figure out a way to eat everything they really want!

    2. Oh and I mention dementia patients because it really is life in reverse, in every single way. And they figure out a way to eat everything they really want!

  2. I thought the same about starting solids! My family thought I was crazy for wanting to delay it for as long as possible but oh, the mess, the prepping, the poo! But fun nonetheless!! Enjoy :)