Friday, May 6, 2016

Asheville Weekend

A few months ago, J and I thought it'd be fun to try a mini family trip to Asheville one weekend for the spring. It's one of our favorite places in North Carolina thanks to the scenery, the great food, and of course...the awesome craft beer. We knew it would be "eventful" with two littles tagging along, but we also want our kids to enjoy traveling and exploring new places as much as we do. It's not easy (at all) to travel with babies and small children, but it's so worth it. M loves to talk about places she's visited (she is still talking about her trip to NYC in February 2015), and we knew a weekend in the NC mountains would be fun to add to her list of travels.

We headed up Friday morning after we took our dogs to the kennel, and we actually stopped a little south of Asheville to visit the new Sierra Nevada Brewery in Fletcher, NC. This is where they distribute beer from for the east coast, and the facility was pretty amazing. The outdoor space was gorgeous and the indoor space had tons of room. The food was fantastic (we did lunch here), and the beer selection was awesome. They had probably 20+ beers on tap, and we shared two flights and everything we had was awesome. It's definitely worth the visit if you find yourself in Asheville and it was also very kid friendly! There were definitely a lot of younger folks with no children here, but we saw several other families and groups with little ones like us!

After the brewery visit, we had some time to kill before we could check in to our VRBO cabin, so we headed downtown and strolled around for a bit and stopped for some ice cream.

We headed out to our cabin sometime in the late afternoon, and the cabin was about 25 minutes east of the city, way out in the middle of nowhere. Both kids passed out on the way there, but that was for the best, Everyone was exhausted by this point!

We had initially planned to go back into the city for dinner that night, but both kids were so tired so J ran into the grocery store and we got burgers and peppers to grill at our cabin. It was a gorgeous afternoon/evening, so we enjoyed sitting outside while dinner cooked. 

Eating at the cabin also made it easy to get some early bedtimes in for the babies, and we stayed up and watched the Hornets game

Saturday morning, after a big breakfast, we headed out to Pisgah National Forest for a little hike, specifically Moore Cove Falls Hike. This was M's first time really hiking on her own, and T's first time in our Kelty backpack, so we were a little hesitant, but in the end, they both did really well. M is really afraid of bugs (like...truly fears them), so things started a bit rough since we were, ya know, in the woods and bugs happen to live there, but I promised her if she could be brave we'd find her more ice cream. And while she was still nervous around them, she really tried her best to be brave. 

The hike was about 1.5 miles round trip and honestly pretty easy, so a great first hike for a 3.5 year old. She was tired by the end, but not so tired that she was melting down. It was perfect. And the best part was we got to see a waterfall which was pretty cool for everyone!

T loved riding in the hiking backpack, and as always, he was pretty much an angel baby the whole time. I'm not playing around when I say he's a good baby. He is so easy going and just so happy most of the time.

About half way down the trail back to the car he snoozed on J. Sweet little guy!

After our hike, we found a barbecue joint to have lunch at in Brevard. It was good southern cooking, and M was thrilled to see that there was an ice cream shop across the street and she held us to our promise. 

We headed back to our cabin and everyone got some rest. M never napped, but she did lay in bed and read for an hour and a half. And poor T, he was out like a light till we woke up for dinner!

We did some coloring...

And then headed into West Asheville for some dinner at a Mexican Place called Papas and Beer that had been suggested to us. Crazy enough, I ran into a guy I grew up with in Virginia, who now lives in South Carolina. He was there celebrating a birthday with his girlfriend's family. It was so crazy when I made the connection that it was him. What are the chances?

Sunday morning, we woke up and packed up. M sang on the balcony off of our bedroom one more time...she pretty much was convinced it was her own personal stage.

After cleaning up and packing the car, we headed back to West Asheville to have brunch at Sunny Pointe Cafe. We got there at 10:30 and said the wait would be an hour, but we figured that would work because they had an awesome play area and garden to explore outside. We also had out double stroller and they said we'd get a text when we were close to being ready for a table. 

Well...the one hour wait actually turned into an almost two hour wait, and finally at 12:20, we got a table. Both kids hung in surprisingly well (T napped in the Ergo), but next time I have two little ones with me, remind me to never wait this long for a table. No matter how great the food is, it won't be worth it! BUT...with all that said, the food was fantastic and we really did like the restaurant. Just not the wait!

After brunch, we were all more than ready to get back to Charlotte to pick up the pups from the kennel. It was a fun weekend, just the four of us, and I felt like both kids, especially M, enjoyed the variation in our weekend routine and the chance to get to try some new things!