Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

This past Sunday I got to celebrate my fourth mother's day as a mama. I can't believe I've been a mama for 3+ years now. And before we get to Sunday I need to brag on M and J for a second for going and getting me a donut from Duck Donuts on Saturday morning along with some roses. She is really into fresh flowers in our house right now, and she was so excited to carry in the bouquet to me! Our Sunday started out a little rocky when not one but both kids were crying so hard in the nursery at church that they had to come get me. I think T was fussy because we forgot his paci and so they had him in the stroller and were walking him around. I think M saw this all going down outside of her room, and it upset her, so she was then in hysterics about her sad baby brother. So, I got to enjoy worship, but no sermon. Oh well...that's what the podcast is for!

Anyhow, after our failed attempt at church, we came home for T to get in his morning nap, because at 12:45 we had brunch reservations at one of my favorite places, Nolen Kitchen! I love my husband dearly (he is such a good husband and dad), but he and I have both have learned over the years that if there's something I want to do on a special day like my birthday or mother's day, I need to either tell him ahead of time or just plan it myself. So a few weeks ago I made us reservations on open table, and our brunch was wonderful! I had a mimosa with crab cakes benedict and it was all delicious!

Both kids were pretty well behaved at lunch. At the end M was getting restless, but overall, it was a pretty successful meal out with two little ones. 

When we got home, they gifted me with a beautiful necklace and a water ring sling! Which, I want to also add that I sent J an email a few weeks ago with each of these exact items and mentioned I'd like them for Mother's Day. He didn't have to guess what to get me and I was thrilled to get some thing I really wanted! He and M also surprised me with some chocolate (which she is convinced is for me to share with her)!

I can't wait to try this out at the pool in two weeks!

I love my new necklace. Only problem is so does T, so it may be a few more months before I can wear it regularly without fearing he's going to rip it off my neck!

During nap time I sat outside and read for awhile, and then when both kids were up from naps (or rest time for M these days), I asked J to take some pictures for me with the kids. I set up the camera settings for him in manual, but he did the hard part of getting everyone to look and smile at the same time and he got a couple of great shots. I just love this one of me and my babies!

And this boy!! He turned 7 months on Mother's Day, and y'all...he fills a big piece of my heart that I didn't know was missing! I just love him!

M's "smile" is cracking me up here...

While we were sitting out in the yard we facetimed with my mom for a bit so we could wish her a happy Mother's Day, but it sort of turned into a just Gigi and M conversation when M stole the phone from me and sat alone in the yard and told me Gigi only wanted to talk to her. So much for talking to my own mom on Mother's Day when a three year old dictates the rules to me.

J knows I love a good steak dinner, and even though he actually doesn't care much for steak, he went out to Block and Grinder and bought two great steaks to grill for us. They were fantastic! M and I prepped the sides, and he grilled the asparagus while I roasted out little potatoes. This meal was delicious.

And before bed we watched Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley, which, if I'm being honest...Game of Thrones was probably at the top of my list of things I wanted to do for Mother's Day!


  1. I love your necklace. I wish my husband could give me something like that...not that I don't love the pearls he gave me for Mother's Day. It's just that I have three babies in Heaven and only one here on would be wonderful if I could have something like your necklace.

  2. Gorgeous necklace! Where did you find it??