Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hilton Head Vacation

We spent all of last week down in South Carolina on Hilton Head Island. This was not only our first real vacation as a family of four, but it was also our first REAL trip to the beach with kids! Last spring we went to the Dominican Republic with M, but that was a very different type of beach trip since we were at a resort in the Caribbean. We knew M would have a ball playing in the sand and the ocean, but we weren't sure about T, but it took him no time at all to decide he loved it as well. He mostly enjoyed eating the sand and doing his best to crawl off into the ocean, but fun was had by all. 

I won't lie, J and I both like the beach, but we're both more mountains kind of people. So by the end of the week, he and I were both pretty happy to come back home to a sand free house and be done trecking both kids and all of their stuff out onto the beach each day. But despite the hard work and the abundant amount of sand we brought in every day, we really did have a fun time making memories as a family.

It was a hot week pretty much all over the southeast US last week, and it definitely didn't miss us. Most days the temperature was in the upper 90's, but with the heat index it felt well over 100. On Tuesday afternoon my phone said it felt like 121 outside. We spent a lot of afternoons inside just hanging out and then we'd do an early dinner and head down to the beach after we ate. Much more enjoyable once that sun was down!

One thing that was neat about HHI was all of the bike trails! We bought T his own helmet and J took both kids on lots of bike rides in the mornings before it got too hot out. T and I both were dealing with a yucky cold (and teeth for him) for the first part of the week, but thankfully by the end of the week we were both feeling better. But I will say, a cold for a baby means lots of snot, and lots of snot plus a sand eating baby makes for a lovely combo!

A few of our favorite places we visited while there...The Coastal Discovery Museum, Harbour Town (especially their playground!), French Kiss Bakery Cinnamon Buns, Breakfast at Skillets, Skull Creek Boathouse, Hudson's (which was very fun until Teddy knocked over a glass and broke it and proceeded to spill the drink all over his sister...which looking back is kinda funny now, but not fun when she screamed at the top of her lungs. For the rest of the evening she kept saying "T will never go back to a restaurant again!")

Another highlight of the beach was NAP TIME for M! She never naps at home these days, so this was a fun treat in the afternoons for everyone! We were even able to transfer her from the car to her bed for two full hours one afternoon!

T has really decided he likes to eat these days! We've been doing baby led weaning with him since he turned six months (I should do a full post on this) and just recently he has really gotten into it now that he's gotten the hang of the pincer grip. Homeboy is a MESS when he eats but he's loving it. 

On Thursday we drove to to Savannah to do some sightseeing and had a fun time! It's one of my favorite cities so I'm glad we made the little trip! We found a great playground there and had some lunch in between walking around and taking in the sights. M also picked out a souvenir t-shirt that's she's pretty proud of!

"Vacations" with little ones are work and you tend to come back more tired than you were before you left, but it's so worth it to see how much fun they have! Also, I will say, at 3.5, I think we may have even hit that magic of age of traveling with M. She stays happy and entertained in the car for long periods, she sleeps great in new places (which was SO not the case for her as a baby and small toddler), I don't have to pack as much for her, and she can happily be entertained with a coloring book and crayons when we go out to eat. It gives me hope for many more family vacations as both kids get bigger!

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