Monday, October 31, 2016

Pumpkin Party

Last Sunday, we got together with some of our best pals to celebrate the birthdays of both of our October babies! 

I know I won't be able to get away with joint parties for long, but this year M was pumped to share her big day with her little brother! We hosted the party at a local park and had a pumpkin theme. There are hundreds of great ideas for pumpkin parties on pinterest, but we kept it pretty simple. Here was the invite I designed in photoshop and then had printed through overnight prints (love them! they always do a great job for a reasonable price!)

The kids all played on the playground for a long time and then we decorated pumpkins. The day before the party I had this grand idea to make a sign to put by all of the mini pumpkins I had bought. I am so glad I did. I think it turned out really cute and now it's on our porch with all of our pumpkins!

For food, we had mostly "kiddie" pb&j's, veggies and dip (in the shape of a pumpkin!), apple sticks from TJ's, cheeseballs (mini pumpkins!), a fall trail mix (made of candy corn, M&M's, pumpkin cheerios, pretzels, and marshmallows) and these cute clementines. My mom and I started drawing the faces on them on Saturday, and M quickly jumped in to help. I love her creative faces she made.

About an hour and a half before the party I dropped our cake that J had picked up earlier in they day from Publix. I was pretty upset (to say the least). It was beautiful and had pumpkins on it and big enough for all of our guests, and chocolate, and $45, and just perfect....and I dropped it in our garage. I was pretty angry about it, but my sister and dad were rockstars and drove to two stores to find us two cakes to feed all of our guests, and they were even able to find "fall" colored cakes. So very thankful they were here and could jump in to help. Thankfully, the birthday girl had no idea and the birthday boy still had a mini smashcake in good shape.

Also, poor T! The boy just doesn't stop and lately and has been using his face to break his fall as you can see by all his bumps and bruises and scratches! No matter how closely we watch him, he's falling and walking into metal poles on playgrounds. His face was looking mighty fine for his close up pictures during cake eating!

He loved it!

I love this picture of my parents and T!

And now, we're done with birthdays...until the end of November when J and I both celebrate! We spend a lot of time eating cake and celebrating in October and November!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

12 Months

Little Bear, I am a bad mama. You turned one year old on October 8, and here I am now sitting down to write about you. I promise it's only because I don't have much free time since I spend most of my day chasing you and keeping you out of trouble. The picture was taken a few days after your birthday. 

At 12 are nursing four times a day, but (spoiler...I am in the future now) you're going to drop to three in a few days. You love nursing in the morning right after you wake up, but you don't seem to care one way or the other about the other three sessions. I'd like to nurse a little bit longer to give you an extra immune boost for flu season, but I also want to follow your lead. You eat 3 meals each day, and you really do eat pretty much anything we offer you. You love any and all fruits, carbs, and cheese. You still like most meats, and peanut butter and jelly is a new lunch time favorite. Vegetables are probably your least favorite item we offer you.

You walk everywhere these days and you're finally doing a great job in your shoes! You started taking steps in August, but it really took you right up until the week before you birthday to truly choose to primarily walk. And now that you really walk, you are unstoppable! You can also climb up and down our stairs with ease, and you love nothing more than going down slides head first. You are very active and you want to explore! When we go to the playground, you pretty much do you own thing and just wander. A big change from your big sis who always stuck right by my side.

We call you "Baby Shrek" because "shreking" a room is your specialty. You will walk into the living room and if anything is on the coffee table, you clear it off in a matter of seconds. You will walk up to the shelves in M's room that hold her toys, and your can clear them in no time. You have ripped more books than I can count, and my hand towels are never hanging on the oven door thanks to you, and my lower kitchen cabinets and drawers that don't have locks are always wide open and just torn apart. When I tell you "No!" you grin so big and shake your head no at me. 

Still taking two naps a day. Most days each one is around 45 minutes - hour, but some days we get lucky and they're closer to an hour and a half. You sleep from about 7:45pm-7:30am. You sleep with two lovies and your pacis.

You have finally started sitting still for two books at bedtime! Up until recently, you'd get mad sitting still, but you have started to enjoy a couple of favorites: Goodnight Moon, The Going to Bed Book, On The Night You Were Born, 1 2 3 to the Zoo.

During the week, you enjoy going to story time with me and M. You love dancing and bubbles and there. You are a trooper and take M to school three times a week, and you also sit through her swim lessons once a week. You don't love the car, but you will tolerate it a decent amount. 

You don't say anything yet, but you make a lot of sounds and noises! You are constantly making noise, and you're finding it's hard to get a word in when your big sister is around. Sometimes I think you might know that Dad is Dada, but its' hard to tell. 

You love going for walks and playing in the driveway. In general, you are a pretty happy boy outside. You like "wrestle" with Dad. You love to get in the dogs' faces (especially Rosie) and have them kiss you. You are really good at growling. You have perfected the art of rubbing bananas and spaghetti in your hair on the day after a hair wash. You like to "talk" to our Amazon Echo after you hear one of us give her a command. You love to wave to strangers. 

T-Bear, you are such a joy. You have provided us with so many laughs this past year and it's hard to imagine a time before we knew you. So thankful you are ours.


12 Month Stats:

Weight: 24lbs 7oz (88%)
Height: 32.5 inches (>99%)
Clothes: 12-18 Months
Diapers: Size 4 in disposables and 4 snaps open in BG
Teeth: 8, 4 on top and 4 on bottom
Eyes: so blue!
Hair: So straight and dark! And every now and then we see a hint of red in it in the sun.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! Lets begin, shall we? Link up with April here!

1. Number one item on my list is so weird, but I need to rave about it. I bought a silk pillowcase off Amazon a few weeks ago and it's changing my hair life for the better! Before if I blew out my hair on day one, by day two it looked awful and crinkly from sleeping on it. Like, it sometimes would look like I took a crimper to it. This pillowcase has magically changed that! Now thanks to the pillowcase and my favorite dry shampoo, my hair can look good for many a days on end!I realize this sounds like a sponsored post, but it's not! Just a raving review!

2. Thanks to Jamie Golden on The Popcast, I started listening to the podcast In the Dark this week, and it does not disappoint! If you liked Serial, I highly recommend. It's about a 27 year old child abduction investigation and it's very dark, but I can't stop! Give it a listen.

3. If you have a Trader Joe's near you, RUN, don't walk, and go get this Caramel Corn. It is the stuff that all my happy little fall dreams are made of. 

4. We are celebrating a special little boy tomorrow for his first birthday (see #5!), and I can't wait to give him this! We have so many toys, but we couldn't let his big day go by without a few presents. He, like his big sister, loves music, and I think it'll be a big hit! Also, not sure how long this will be on sale, but I thought $25 for a HAPE toy was a great deal!

5. And last but certainly not least, tomorrow is T's first birthday! I really cannot believe he's been with us for a year. I love this boy so much and can't wait to celebrate with him on Saturday! We are doing a party, but it's a joint party with M at the end of the month, so Saturday will be a low key celebration with just the four of us. I am so glad he is ours!