Friday, November 4, 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Friday friends! Linking up with April with some favorites for the week.

1. About a year ago, my ancient hair dryer bit the dust. For awhile I used a cheap con air hair dryer, but then recently purchased this one by RUSK after a suggestion from a friend. I cannot believe I was ever hesitant to put out the money for this thing. I LOVE it. And as someone with a thick head of hair, I can say that this thing works wonders and it's fast. If you're in the market for a new hair dryer, this is a great one and the price is worth it!

2. I know we're late to the party on this, but we finally finished catching up on The Americans! Well, at least all the free seasons on Amazon! I don't think we've seen the most recent season that aired this past spring. But friends! This show is so good! And usually Keri Russell annoys me, but I think she's great in this. It's a great "couple" show that J and I both have enjoyed, and the first four seasons are free if you have Amazon Prime!

3. I recently picked up this eyebrow filler after a recommendation from a friend on snapchat. I am NOT a beauty guru. Not even in the slightest,  but I've been trying to step up my game a little bit lately. I've always thought I didn't need eyebrow filler because I have thick dark eyebrows, but after her review, I thought I'd give it a shot. This stuff is great! It fills in any "gaps" in the eyebrow and it doesn't smudge and is a piece of cake to apply. The price is a little higher than I normally spend on makeup, but it's also not something I wear every day (especially as a stay at home mom who really only wears make up maybe three times a week), so I'm hoping it'll last me a little while.

4. Are you a meal planner? If so, stop what you're doing right now and add these two items to next week's meal plans and come back to thank me next week. Both are delicious and so easy.

5. And if tyou know anything about me, you had to know this last one was on my list for today! Earlier this week Lin-Manuel Miranda announced a new little project he's been hiding called The Hamilton Mixtape, basically a new album with a lot of the musical's songs (plus a few that were cut) that are covered by a variety of artists. This is going to be amazing. I preordered my copy this morning and got the Kelly Clarkson version of "It's Quiet Uptown" and The Roots version of "My Shot" (which features Busta Rhymse who is amazing in it). Both tracks pretty much had me in tears (for very different reasons). Cannot wait to hear the rest. Especially Usher's "Wait For It" and John Legend doing "History Has Its Eyes On You"