Wednesday, January 25, 2017

chin up

Things that have helped me to hold my chin up this week...

On Being a Christian and a Feminist...And Belonging Nowhere from Sarah Bessey. This piece resonates so much with me right now.

"I feel like the Church is missing it – missing out on all the ways the very people whom they fear or exclude or deride or judge are often the very people with whom Jesus would be spending all of his time."

The movie Lion. I went with a friend to see it last Wednesday after our kids were in bed, and it was excellent. Such an amazing story of courage and determination. One of the best movies I've seen in quite some time.

Speaking of movies, the Oscar nominations! This is one of my favorite times of year! It was refreshing to open twitter and facebook this morning and see a plethora of stories and tweets about this.

Aziz's monologue on the opener of SNL this week. It was spot on. 

I've linked to Becca and her wise words more times than I can count, but this post is a must read. I love her heart and her thoughtful writing. 

"Time will always fly, I suppose, and it will provide brilliant moments of light and glitter, followed by mud puddles and cold drizzle. Whatever the next four years brings, we will hold fast to the beautiful pieces and always stand rooted for the causes of justice and hope, even when the ice melts and the glitter fades."


  1. YES. Thank you for linking that Sarah Bessey piece! I hadn't read it yet and here I am - also a Christian feminist who feels like an outcast among my Christian friends. Hold your head up high, mama.

  2. Sarah Bessey's writing has pulled me back in MANY times over the past year. It's been far to easy to feel like I don't belong in the Christian circle. Thankful for her work, and for all the pocket friends I've met online who give me community even when I don't always feel it in my everyday life.

  3. Loved Aziz's opening monologue!!

  4. Thanks for sharing these things. I loved Sarah Bessey's article. It's been a long, hard couple of weeks and I feel many more coming. Glad to know I am not alone in my thoughts.