Tuesday, January 17, 2017

links galore

Happy Tuesday! A few little gems I've seen or read or saved or pinned or bought in the last few weeks that I thought I'd share. 

Dying to find a reason to make these pimento cheese potato bites. Maybe for when I host bunco next month?

Y'all know I saw and loved Moana. This perspective from Annie Downs made me love it even more.

This is hanging in my kitchen, and I love it. I haven't had a calendar in years. Happy with the one I chose!

Local friends/readers, who wants a coffee date? I've only tried a handful of these.

OMG. The name alone [Million Dollar Spaghetti] makes me want to make this. Definitely trying this recipe soon.

M has become an excited new reader and she's trying to read and write whenever she gets a chance these days. Pulling out a lot of my teacher stash to help encourage this new love without making it feel like a chore. We're working on some sight words together and I've been looking for fun ideas to help her with them. Currently putting together this and this.

Rachel Hollis and The Chic Site are my favorite way to start the day. I love Rachel's daily emails and following her on snapchat. I love her positivity and her overall approach to life. 

I cut out all sweet treats for January, but I'm dying for a donut or these come February 1!

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