Wednesday, February 15, 2017

instead of doing all the other things....

It's nap time (well..."rest" time for M) and I should be doing 100 other things, but instead I'm enjoying some hot tea right now (this good!) and decided to say hello over here. My living room is covered in kids toys that I considered picking up, but I know they're all gonna end up all over my floor again by the time my kids are up, so I'm just going to leave them where they are.

Good things going on this week in our home...

...I took a handlettering class via @skillpopclt on Monday night and it was so much fun. I've been wanting to do one of their classes for awhile, but having a little baby for a great portion of last year made escaping for a few hours in the evening really hard for awhile. Monday's class was a fun way to tap into the right side of my brain, and it was 2 hours of child free, me focused time. I need to do more things like this.

...My friend Allie started a book club this past year, and for February we read Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi. It was beautiful. You can go to my goodreads to read my review; I highly recommend.

...M and J went to a Hornets game on Saturday night, which means she has now been to more NBA games than her mom! How cute are these two? She had a ball (partially because he bought her cotton candy!) and is asking to go back to another game.

...we ordered girl scout cookies from two little brownies in our neighborhood. They delivered them on Sunday, and now I cannot stop eating thin mints! Why did I order so many?!

...made these Thai Beef Bowls on Sunday evening and it was a big time winner. We all liked it, even the kids. Their bowls were a little more deconstructed and involved some fruit on the side, but overall, a hit of a meal that I'll definitely make again. 

...M got to bring in Valentine cards to her school buddies on Monday, and she (naturally) went with the box cards with Moana on them. I'm pretty sure I could have talked her into something really pinteresty and cute, but she was just as happy and proud to take in her Moana ones, making everyones lives a little easier.

...We bought a new couch and sold the old ones on craigslist a few weeks ago and we've been loving the change to a sectional, and I have a new end table coming later this week. I also want to repaint the living room to something more neutral. I am over the bright pink/red/coral (or whatever color you want to call it) that I thought would be fun 3 years ago.  Feels nice to make a fresh change. 

...I'm busy making plans for our trip to NYC next month. Hoping to do a food tour one day in Chelsea Market while J is working, but still looking for other ideas for our time there. Anyone have any off the beaten path must do's for NYC? Send them my way!


  1. Thanks for the book recommendation and those bowls, I've got to put those on the list because they look great.

  2. Brooklyn Farmacy has fantastic ice cream (in giant portions!), and it's in a really cute, child-friendly neighborhood that will be fun to explore if you have good weather.

  3. If it's a pretty day, my absolute favorite thing to do in NYC is bring a book and walk on the Highline and plop down in one of the loungers along the side to read and people watch! I like to start at the very top near Hell's Kitchen and make my way down to the end in the Meatpacking District. So many interesting pieces of art, delicious food vendors, and different views of the city (you can see the Statue of Liberty peaking at you at various times if you walk top to bottom!).

  4. Girl, I know that "I'm just gonna sit" feeling all too well! We need it!