Monday, February 27, 2017

Pretty Letters

I was going to post this little story on instagram the other day, but I had too many words 

So I mentioned a few weeks ago that I took a handlettering class here in Charlotte, and since then, I've become a little wrapped up in my new hobby. Most nights when my kids go to bed, I find myself practicing my lettering while I watch TV or listen to a podcast, and I've had so much fun digging into the right side of my brain, and doing something creative. But...this isn't about me and my love for brush pens and water colors! This is about my four year old. 

M has taken an interest in my new stash of art supplies, and any papers I leave sitting around the house. The other morning she asked to get out her own water colors, so I set her all up with papers, paint, a glass of water, and her art smock. I left her at the table and went about my chores around the house. After painting me a "statue of new york city" and an "ambulamce," she brings me this one (on the left) and tells me these are her "pretty letters", just like mine (right). 

Sometimes I get really sad watching my babies get bigger and become real kids. Every new milestone is so exciting, but gives you a twinge of sadness as you see the baby in them fade away. But then she goes and does cool stuff like this, and I'm not so sad. Instead I'm in awe of how creative and curious she is, and how she watches everything I do. Even when I think she isn't paying attention.

You guys. Being a mom is so neat sometimes. It's also hard. So very hard. But looking at your little girl (who was a baby yesterday, by the way) and recognizing just how genuinely cool she is, it's a pretty neat feeling.


  1. Maggie is super cool and creative! She has the best little personality!

  2. This is awesome! I struggle letting my kids get out the art supplies (OCD mom over here!) but it's amazing to see what they create!