Wednesday, March 29, 2017

odds and ends

I'm gonna pretend it hasn't been a full month since I last blogged and just jump on in here with a random odds and ends post!

If y'all are looking for some high end fashion finds, keep moving on...but if you want some cheap kid bargains I've found lately, this might be right up your alley! I've recently bought M these cartwheel shorts at WalMart for $3.88 a pair! I had looked in a few other stores but couldn't find them in her size this season, and then WalMart came through for me with awesome prices and her size. WIN!

I also snagged her this pool zip up cover up for $8.84 and these adorable shorts for $4.88 a piece. She's been wearing them with tshirts on our warm days the last few weeks and I kinda want to go back and buy more patterns. They're perfect!

Unrelated to little girls fashion, I snagged this tray at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago for next to nothing since it was 50% off. Anyone else always losing remotes or just us?  That darn apple TV remote is SO small. T still hides our remotes, but this tray on the coffee table has been helping a lot! 

And because they're both so cute! M painted toast at school a few weeks ago and the teachers shared this one with me. I love seeing pictures of her in her classroom!

And T just being a happy go lucky toddler and demanding his breakfast with two forks in his hands! Also...bravo to those of you with clean kitchens. Does anyone else feel like your counters always look as cluttered as mine?!

This is so random, but I'm gonna share! I bought these wool dryer balls and gave up dryer sheets back in January, and I haven't looked back! I'm loving them. My laundry is coming out so fluffy from the dryer, and I can also use them with my cloth diapers. I don't know why I waited so long to switch to these. 

Last month I met up with a friend who is a Beauty Counter rep and I was so impressed with what she showed me. I am really not a "skin care regimen" kinda girl, but I want to be better. I am loving my products that I got from her. This is week 3 with them, and so far, I couldn't be more pleased (again...I don't sell honest review!)

And last...I'll just leave this here for now from our trip last week. I still have SO MANY THOUGHTS and not the right words to use to describe our evening at the Richard Rogers Theater last Thursday. I'm going to do my best to recap eventually!

OKAY! This is enough of a random post for one day. I really do want to come back soon so I can share all about our NYC trip. I love having our trips documented on here so I can remember anything we loved to share with friends later!


  1. Oooo! I've been meaning to try dryer balls --just ordered them from your link!

    CANNOT WAIT to hear your Ham-Thoughts!

  2. Ok, so Walmart is my least favorite store on the planet (you know this), but I think you might have convinced me to go shop there ASAP! We can always use more cartwheel shorts...and those other athletic-looking shorts are so stinking cute!!! DYING to hear about your trip!! Can't wait for a re-cap here and/or to catch up with you in person soon! :)

  3. Silas is dying to see Hamilton when it comes to Charlotte, I'll have to get your opinion!