Tuesday, May 2, 2017

This is four and a half

M turned 4.5 last week (which J claims half birthdays are dumb and made up...but whatever), and I know moms say this at every age, but right now might be one of my most favorite stages with her. The last few weeks have just been good and I'm seeing a big change in her.

A few little notes from this age...

The other night J was out at a work thing, so I was putting both kids to bed myself. There was a moment when it was clear that everyone needed my help and attention at the same time, and M just looked at me very matter of fact and said, "You know mom, it's really hard having two kids when they both need you at the same time." True fact, kiddo.

Current job aspirations...a horse rider who also works in the tall buildings uptown. And maybe a part time chef on the side.

Mastered riding a two wheeled bike this past weekend. Three cheers for the balance bike we bought her back when she was two! Her ability to balance on that made the transition to the pedal bike so much easier. We never even put the training wheels on. If you have a little one and you're debating a balance bike...do it. They're 100% worth it!

Asks BIG questions. Her mind is like a million little gears that are constantly turning and moving, and she's asking questions all the time to keep those gears oiled and moving. Questions about how we're made, about animals in the deep sea and how they communicate to one another, about death, about how America became America, about what our brains look like and are made of....I love her inquisitive little mind and I hope it never changes and she continues to search for answers and ask her questions to the people she trusts in her life.

Feeds the dogs all on her own for us. This is her biggest chore that she helps with regularly, and honestly, it really is a huge help in the mornings and evenings when we're trying to get food on the table for everyone. She's also been getting herself dressed in the morning if I help her pick out her clothes the night before. This has been a big help on school mornings! 

Favorite new food of the moment....hard boiled eggs. We have my mom and dying Easter Eggs at her house to thank for this one! 


I can't believe we're more than halfway to FIVE. 
The rate at which babies and kids grow and change is pretty amazing!


  1. She is a smart little girl. Her questions are so inquisitive!

  2. She's so big!! I can't believe our little girls have gotten so big so fast!