Friday, August 11, 2017

Westport 2017

Another year at Westport is in the books. 

I know I've already shared majority of these on instagram, and if we're being real, I am the worst blogger ever these days. But I still want to jot up a little post with a few pictures to help us remember this adventure. It's not one we want to forget!

We arrived in Westport on July 29 after three long days of traveling. It felt so good to get out of that car though and feel the cooler air in the Adirondacks.

Sunday morning we woke early and after breakfast we hiked to Rose Point. You can see below that M's Moana doll came too!

On Monday, we hiked Merlin's Peak. Grampy and our big cousins came too.

M spent as much time as she could on a paddle board with either myself, Granny, or a cousin. She loved it. Even though she's a great swimmer, we bought her a new life jacket before the trip which gave us all so much more freedom for her time on the lake. I never feared her paddle boarding across the bay with her cousins.

We rented a boat from the marina on Wednesday and had fun cruising the lake and it came to no surprise that M loved tubing.

We visited the town library for reading and fun one morning

 M spent a lot of her down time coloring and writing and giving "spelling bees" to any and everyone who would participate

T discovered the barn on the property that held green canoes inside. On day one he decided those green canoes were alligators and every time anyone would talk about the barn, he would super seriously "chomp" at you to tell you about the alligators. 

A highlight for M was playing with second (I think?) cousins who are a tad older than her and learning all their ways in the art of frog catching!

We hiked up Coon on Thursday morning. Poor T was NOT happy to ride in the pack on the way down, but as you can see from his face here, he loved the view at the top!

It was a truly a memorable and fun week. I would definitely not call this trip a vacation like we once did for a week on the lake, but we still had a ball making memories with cousins and J's family. 

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