About Rachel

I am a Virginia girl who loves the mountains, who relocated to Charlotte, NC in 2011.  I have a wonderful husband, J, and two sweet kiddos. M is our curly haired, three year old daughter who is full of sass and spunk and way too smart for her own good. And T is our new, sweet baby boy, born in October of 2015.

We also have two beautiful rescue dogs.  The oldest is the mischievous, little dog, Layla.  She's a plott hound/lab mix (we think).  I suppose little wasn't the best way to describe a dog who is sixty pounds.  We got her at 6 months in August 2007.  Our younger pup is Rosie.  She is a Black German Shepherd mix who has the funniest personality.  We adopted her at 3 years old in March 2011.

Prior to being a mom, I taught elementary school for five years.  In that time, I taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade! While teaching has its challenges, I truly love it; however, I'm loving my new role as a stay at home mom. 

When I started my blog back in January of 2008, it was a way to document my life for me and my family and far-away friends; while I still use my blog for that, I've also met some wonderful friends along the way.  You will see a lot of posts about food, being a new mom, and everyday life on here. I aspire to become a better photographer, but for now, I'll have fun being an amateur. 

Other loves: JMU Dukes, a good microbrew, red wine, Harry Potter, showtunes, artichokes, Carly Simon, pretty stationery, cilantro, country music, a day at the lake...

I hope you stick around for a little while!  I love to make new friends!