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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

some of the good.

I've spent the past few days, sort of feeling grumpy and bitter. Last week was one of those weeks where I just felt like I was in a funk. Nothing in particular made me feel this way; just little things here and there, and honestly, I've just had a bad attitude. I thought about blogging about some of the things that have been not so great, but really...who wants to read that? Instead, how about a list of all the good in my life right now?
  • M's birthday party! I've had so much fun planning for her little party that's happening at the end of the month. I'm really not a party planner, but it's been fun putting together some crafts and fun things for the big day!
  • The Archer Farms k-cups from Target. I know that may seem like a silly thing to put on this list, but I am really digging my vanilla bean creme brûlée coffee each morning.
  • Our dogs. A year ago at this time, the thing that worried me most about bringing home a baby was how it would change the lives of our dogs, Layla and Rosie. I was a basket case the morning we left for the hospital, mainly because my pups had no clue how their lives were about to change. Here we are almost a full years later, and I'm so so happy at how much they love M and she loves them. Layla still has her moments where she will let us know she doesn't want to be around the baby, but for the most part, it has been so fun and so neat seeing their relationship develop.
  • A few nights ago, I got the brilliant idea to make a Phil Collins pandora channel, and's been life changing (slight exaggeration!). It's a fabulous combo of the best music from the 80's (think...Journey, Genesis, Foreigner, Rick Springfield...)
  • Breastfeeding. I really owe a full post to this, but I have to be honest and say I am so so grateful that M and I have made it a year nursing. This was a goal I had, not one I published on here or really told anyone about, but I'm really darn proud that we've (almost) done it. Nursing my baby has been one of my favorite parts of motherhood, and I know that as we begin to wean (I'm not in a rush, but I know it's going to happen sooner, rather than later), I will really miss our quiet moments in her glider together (even though some of those moments are NOT  so quiet anymore, and she's smacking my face and trying to nurse while doing a handstand...).
  • The new album from The Avett Brothers, Magpie and the Dandelion. Good stuff.
  • Cheerios. Don't know how we'd successfully get through most of our errands without these little snacks and the quiet they provide. And that is why they made my list of "good!"
  • Finding a pair of skinny jeans for a very reasonable price that fit me and STILL fit me after 3 or 4 wears. One thing that irks me is jeans that fit for one wear and then need another wash so they don't feel stretched anymore. I think I've finally found a pair that works for me...and they're from Old Navy!
  • The look M gets on her face when we show up at the park these days. She love, love, loves to swing, and her excitement is just contagious. And pretty hilarious.
  • A husband who works from home. We have our days where I think we all feel a little cramped being home together, but overall, I think it's pretty cool that J gets to see so much of his daughter, and we never feel like he misses out on any of her big moments. It's definitely a blessing having him here on a daily basis. And it's super helpful. Just the other day I did our grocery shopping during her nap time while he worked downstairs. I feel really fortunate. 
  • My best friend from home is getting married in December to a fabulous guy, and not only am I thrilled for her, but this weekend I'm attending a bridal shower for her, and in two weeks I get to celebrate her some more at her bachelorette party. I am so excited to not only celebrate, but this also means I get to see her TWICE in the next month, which doesn't happen often since she lives about 400 miles away!
  • FALL. Need I say more?

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Favorite Moments from 2011

I know it's cliche, but y'all...where did this year go? It sort of feels like I was just summing up 2010, and now here we are and it's time to do it for 2011. Instead of breaking it down month by month, I think I'm going to do just a "favorites" of 2011.  These are some memories that stick out from the past year. Some are big, some are little. But they're all special!

Let's start with the biggest moment...moving to Charlotte!

I think it is safe to say that we both love our new city. It's been a big change, and hard at sometimes, but this move was definitely a good change for us. We are both happy at our new jobs, we love all that the city has to offer, plus lots of new friends...I'd say we're doing pretty well!

To go along with that first one, starting a new job!

I am loving my new school. I definitely miss people and things about my Virginia school, but I also realize that I couldn't have found a better public school to work at in Charlotte.

Adding 4 more paws into our home...

This bottom photo is Rosie and I on her second day with us. It's so funny how she has become a very natural part of our family. Getting a second dog was a big choice to make, but I am so glad we did it. She has become a very special part of our family. I love this wolf dog.

Visiting Family

We had a lot of chances to see and spend time with extended family this year, and we're so thankful for that.

My Dyson

Call me crazy, but I have been lusting over this vacuum for a few years now (basically since August 14, 2007...the day after I got Layla the sheddiest dog of all time). It has lived up to all of my expectations!

Lots of time with friends, but still not enough

Purchasing a grill...

This thing made our summer so much more fun!

Going back to Virginia and meeting my sweet friend's baby girl on her birthday...

Some stellar pumpkin carving for our new front steps

And of course, lots of fun adventures together...

Virginia Beer Festival

Wedding in New Hampshire

Wedding in Richmond

Trip to Asheville to see The Biltmore

Not quite an adventure, but man, I just love our Christmas card pictures!

What a year. I cannot wait to see what 2012 brings us. Hopefully as much fun as we had in 2011. 
Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Outtakes...

Last week I mentioned that when Faith took our Christmas card photos, she got some pretty hilarious shots of me trying to wrangle the dogs into place. These photos are ridiculous, but I love that she was snapping away while all this was going on!

No one ever said it was easy to get two big dogs ready for a photo!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Instead of just rambling on and on about all that's been happening around our here in the last week, I thought I'd describe the events with an adjective (I'm such an elementary school teacher).

ANNOYING - the new song by Selena Gomez about a love song that I hear on my radio every time I get in the car. I always think she's saying "I love you like a long time baby"....anyone else?

BETTER - how I am feeling...thanks for all the sick day love on Tuesday!

EPIC - the fight that took place in our yard this afternoon between my dogs and a neighborhood stray cat. The cat left with animal control after we called them, and Rosie is missing a part of her ear.  In addition to being an EPIC fight, the whole thing has also been HEARTBREAKING. I can't even look at my poor Rosie girl.

GIDDY - the way I feel each day when I come home to new Christmas cards in my mailbox!

VICTORIOUS - the feeling we got when we watched Vanderbilt beat Davidson last Davidson!

CHARMING - the little town of flippin' cute! I can't wait to go back and visit again in the day light!

EXHAUSTED - is what my mind is...after teaching long division for 3+ weeks, I am ready for something new in math. I think I'd even take fractions over this (I will be eating my words in about 2 months).

CRAZY - my little sister works at Bloomingdale's in NYC, and this week she helped out Taylor from RHOBH. She did not confirm to me whether or not Taylor's lips were as big in real life as they appear to be on the show.

RELIEVED - that there are only 6 more days with students until Christmas break!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crowder's Mountain Hike

This past Saturday, we went for our first "family" hike in North Carolina. We went to Crowder's Mountain State Park, which was only about 40 minutes from our home. Perfect for a day hike! I was expecting an easy, simple hike, but it ended up being a little more strenuous than I had imagined. Nothing horrible, but my thighs and glutes were definitely feeling the burn on Sunday.  

I loved that you can see the Charlotte skyline from the top of the mountain!  The beautiful, clear weather helped with that.

Rosie was a total champ. This was my first real hike with her (by real, I mean, up a mountain), but she did great and was actually a great listener (a skill that she often need to work on!). 

Stopping for a quick hug!

Here's J and both the pups stopping for a break at the top.

And time to head back down...

This fall weather is just so gorgeous. I love being outside and enjoying it while we can.  I'm sure many of you feel the same way!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

backyard love

I'm really not exaggerating when I say we really love our new backyard. Our dogs had a small fenced in yard before, but our new big yard seems to be everyone's favorite place to hang out. The house is still in that messy phase while we finish unpacking. I promise to share some pictures eventually, but for now you just get backyard pictures!

This is my new favorite way to spend the evenings...of course with lots of bug spray all over me!

And the girls prefer to spend their time wrestling...

...or just scratching their back...

"Mom, why you taking pics of me rolling around like a crazy dog?"

...or just guarding the yard. Rosie's shepherd instincts are coming out in this yard. She loves to run from corner to corner like she's on guard and protecting us.

And of course, what's a fun evening outside without one of these?

Isn't summer the best?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

soaking it all in...

Earlier this month on one of J's weekends at home, we took a Saturday morning walk on the beach. We're trying to squeeze in our beach time before we're off to Charlotte (less than a month!). I'm not sure why I didn't blog these after we went, but I figured it's never too late! You can definitely tell this is earlier in May due to the fact that I'm wearing a sweater over my shirt...this past weekend the beach would have not only been packed, but it was also in the 90's and humid here all weekend. The weekend they we went for our walk it was gorgeous and breezy and in the 70's. Days like that make me never want to move away from here!

cooling down...

I love weekends with my little family!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

dog car

This is the car that J drives...

This is what 135 pounds of dog looks like in the back of a that VW Rabbit...

They're just a little snug back there. Mostly because Layla refuses to give Rosie more than 1/4 of the seat. Layla still remains the top dog. Poor Rosie.

Don't worry. No dogs were harmed in the taking of these pictures!!